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Relaxing Massage

Relaxing Massage allows you to leave your worries at the door. This classic, full body massage, will relax not only your muscles, but your mind and soul, by stimulating blood circulation and restoring a sense of well-being. It soothes sore muscles, reduces toxins, and stimulates blood and lymph flow.  

  55 mins- $50   90 mins- $70

30 minute Massage $35

A quick  massage treatment that's convenient, saves time, and focuses on the part of your body that needs that most work, but still allows you to relax.

90 minute Massage $70

Many people enjoy this as it allows enough time to slow down, relax and benefit from the therapeutic effects of massage therapy.

Deep Tissue Massage   A Therapeutic massage that uses specific and targeted tension-relieving techniques, often focusing on areas of chronic pain.

30 mins- $40   55 mins- $70

Prenatal Body Massage is a European combination massage designed to accommodate the health and well-being of the expecting mother by relieving stress and muscle aches associated with pregnancy (After 1st trimester only). 

55 mins- $50


Hot Stone Massage uses warmed basalt lava stones that are strategically placed on integral points of the body along with oil, providing deep penetration and creating sensations of comfort, blissful relaxation, and warmth. Combined with traditional massage, direct heat from the stones helps relax muscles allowing for deeper therapeutic work.  $60

5 mins- $5.00  10 mins- $10.00  15 mins- $15.00O